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Trip highlights:

8am: Picking up from the meeting point CALTEX MINI MART and travel to a beautiful green village, Krobey Riel. The village means Wild Buffalos. Our professional team is taking you the village home where you will engage yourself as a real famer by wearing real Khmer farmer outfit. After proper briefing, our guide is taking towards Kork Dong village.

This village offers you the organic vegetable garden. Meeting commune Chief Tek Chhun, 62 years of age and his wife, Madam Preurch, 60. They have four children, three of whom are girls. They have 12 grandchildren in total. They all live next to each other. All his girls are housewife & cooks and make a living by weaving cane baskets, which earn $2-$3 per basket while their husbands are farmers in the village. This interaction gives you more insights of how our farmers live their live with the vivid and interesting stories.
Continue trekking to see another family. Her name is Peuy, 56. She is a housewife living her grandchildren while her grandchildren parents are busy at the farm or labor work in Siem reap town. Mrs. Peuy is also a basket weaver.

Seeing her weaving activity will give you a great experience while most people never got the chance to enjoy. She can always share her experience how the basket is being made. She earns roughly $3 per basket made. Continue trekking to another green village with 85 families. Seeing the daily life of green vegetable gardens and rice fields make you feel peaceful and relaxed to get away from all this city stressed life. Continue walking back to our Eco home and get ready to feel what it is like to be a farmer.

Picking up all the farming equipment, go fishing such as net casting, go farming such as rice planting or harvesting, climbing to get the palm juice from the palm tree or you might bump into other unexpected activities along the way. These activities are real Khmer farmers' daily life and return to our home to ready to take shower and change your dress in order to be ready to cook some Khmer gourmet food with organic vegetable grown inside in our home or bought directly from the villagers in order to support the community.
With the instruction from our chef and guide, you will immerse yourself how the Khmer food is being cooked and you will learn some amazing Khmer dishes to share with those who did not have the chance back home.

After enjoying your own meal, relaxed in the hammocks in this peaceful countryside home. You will be walking towards the transfer and talking to enjoy the monks’ blessings with a memory of red thread to cover your wrist as a symbol of luck, health, wealth, love, harmony and peace within you before taking you to visit sillk farm, where you have a chance to see how the silk is being made and you can also enjoy the peaceful surroundings and lush beautiful gardens before taking you back to your hotel. The end of the tour.

Tour included: